About Dr Melissa Doohan

Dr Melissa Doohan has been consulting on Sydney's North Shore since the early 1990s. 

She graduated with Honours from the University of Sydney in 1985 before completing a PhD in hormonal regulation of cardiac cell membrane transport.


Practice Priorities

Having worked in the field of Cardiology on the North Shore of Sydney throughout my professional career I believe that I have a very good understanding of my patients. My priority is always to try to do the very best that I can for the particular patient sitting in front of me: to map out the best route for that patient to take to reach/restore optimal cardiac health.

I have a number of patients who travel from far afield to see me. I spent much of my childhood and adolescent years in outback NSW, and I have practiced in several Area and Regional hospitals, thus I also understand the many variables that may impact a patient?s capacity to access excellent cardiac care.

Practicing in solo practice, I cannot personally perform every cardiac procedure my patients may require. When an intervention is required I am very fortunate to be able to refer individual patients to the proceduralist whom I believe will be best able to address their particular problem with the least risk before they return to my primary care.

Hence, on many occasions, I believe that my patients have benefitted from attending a sole practitioner with inside knowledge rather than a group practice within which most patients would receive all of their treatment.

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